Time for the Creation of Congressional Rat Watchers in Every Congressional District

The rats, rising from the Congressional catacombs, have shown the way! An exciting Fable, HOW THE RATS RE-FORMED THE CONGRESS by Ralph Nader shows the specific steps WE THE PEOPLE can take to control Congress, our smallest, yet most powerful, constitutional branch of government. IT’S EASIER THAN WE THINK.

Here is WHY we must stand up and bring forth a new America, a just and safe society.

  • Congressional majorities repeatedly empower corporate lobbyists who are hurting consumers, workers, patients, the very poor and defenseless communities; Lives, income, and savings are lost!
  • Congressional majorities cruelly side with corporations and corporatists resulting in children losing their lives, getting sick and injured.
  • Congressional majorities aid and abet corporate crime, fraud, and corporate control over the American people, as many media exposes have documented.
  • Congressional majorities have entrenched a corrupt system of elections marinated in corporate money to nullify voters’ voices and choices while disrespecting our intelligence.
  • Congressional majorities confirm corporate judges who block the use of our courts by the American people seeking justice for wrongful injuries, economic exploitation, and violation of their civil liberties and civil rights.
  • Congressional majorities are draining America’s critical necessities for infrastructure, jobs, and health and safety protections, while bloating the corporate war machine and misspending trillions of taxpayer dollars.
  • Congressional majorities have paved the way for what conservatives call crony capitalism and what progressives call the corporate state, deepening inequality and weakening small business.
  • Congressional majorities have surrendered their sworn constitutional duties to rein in presidential outlawry and boomeranging illegal wars.
  • Congress itself is a concentrated tyranny of self-privilege, secrecy, exclusionary rules and practices, avoiding key public hearings, abandoning oversight of the executive branch and shutting out citizens except campaign donors.

As a captive institution, Congress is a clear and present danger to our country. It feasts on raw global corporate power and is oblivious to various fateful degradations of life on the planet.

We can start Congressional Rat Watches back home to take back our sovereign power that Congress abuses daily for a powerful cushy sinecure. We can fire and replace these Congressional hucksters.

Find out how. Read How the Rats Reformed the Congress. You’ll laugh yourself serious!